Leslie Bergh Leslie Bergh, a well-known animal scientist specialising in livestock and game recording and breeding, established his consulting business, Bull’s Eye Consulting in September 2013. He is assisted by Naomi Havenga, who is responsible for the data bureau services and administrative tasks.


To supply the livestock and game industry with professional consultation services for animal recording and genetic improvement.

Core Values

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Reliability
  • Precision


  • Comprehensive herd consultation services focused on animal recording, performance testing, genetic evaluation, selection, breeding and related management:
    • Implementation of an appropriate, effective and practical identification system for animals.
    • Implementation of a herd recording system in terms of basic animal records, reproduction records, production records (weights, etc.), breeding values, visual evaluation (scoring), etc.
    • Implementation of a herd recording system regarding basic animal records, reproduction records, production records (weights, etc.), breeding values, visual evaluation (scoring), etc.
    • Setting up a business plan for the beef herd regarding:
      • Optimal herd size and composition;
      • Breed choice;
      • Breeding system (e.g. stud breeding, pure breeding or cross-breeding system and type);
      • Production system (e.g. weaners, back grounding, pasture finishing, feedlot finishing, breeding animals);
      • Marketing system (e.g. out-of-hand sales, slaughter auctions, production auctions, other auctions, contract sales, internet-based auctions); and
      • Marketing and advertising.
    • Advice and assistance with infrastructure planning (e.g. scales, crushes; pens, camps, etc.).
    • Setting up and regular monitoring, analysis and evaluation of reproduction targets (e.g. pregnancy percentage and calving percentage), production targets (e.g. kg/LSU and Kg/ha) and financial objectives (e.g. R/LSU and R/ha).
    • Drafting of breeding strategies, breeding objectives and breeding plans and regular analysis and evaluation in view of the genetic improvement in the herd, new technological developments, market changes, etc.
    • Implementation of breeding seasons and a management strategy for optimal conception, calf survival and pre-wean growth of calves.
    • Setting up, monitoring, analysis and evaluation of performance testing and management practices to optimise the effectiveness of production recording and the accuracy of breeding values.
    • Visual evaluation (linear scoring and/or classification) of weaned calves, young heifers and bulls, breeding bulls and cows.
    • Selection of breeding animals (bulls , heifers and cows) through the integrated use of all available information (breeding values, performance data, visual evaluation, pedigrees, inbreeding, etc.).
    • Determination of the best matings – considering the breeding objectives – through the integrated use of breeding values, pedigree information (to minimize inbreeding) and other factors using the BenguFarmTM GENETICS software.
    • Sourcing of experts in other areas (e.g. nutritionists, pastures experts, veterinarians) for specialist advice as and when required as part of a comprehensive consultation service.
  • BenguFarmTM software services [modules for BEEF cattle, GAME, SHEEP & GOATS, PIGS and GENETICS (breeding module)]:
    • Project leader regarding development, marketing and client communication;
    • Software installation, training (courses and individual), advice and support;
  • Data recording bureau service for stud breeders and commercial farmers using BenguFarm software:
    • Data capture of animal data (e.g. matings, births, weights, sales);
    • Submission of data to the applicable service provider (e.g. SA Studbook);
    • Handling inquiries and herd administration, including reminders to the owner of recordings to be done;
    • Supplying the owner with recording lists (e.g. for recording pregnancy tests and weights) and reports (e.g. herd lists, performance test results, breeding herd selection);
    • General advice and support regarding recording practices.
  • Farmer training services regarding:
    • Animal recording;
    • Performance testing / production recording practices;
    • Interpretation and practical use of breeding values;
    • Selection and breeding; and
    • Management practices related to the above (e.g. breeding seasons).
  • Present lectures and practical demonstrations at farmers days, meetings, workshops and symposia.
  • Write articles for newsletters, journals and magazines.

More about Leslie Bergh

  • Registered as a professional animal scientist with the South African Council for Natural Science Professions (Reg no 400001/08).
  • Member of the South African Society for Animal Science (member no 112950).
  • 32 years’ experience in animal recording, performance testing, genetic evaluation, selection, breeding and related management aspects of beef cattle.
  • In depth knowledge of SA Stud Book and the ARC’s animal recording systems – Logix and Intergis.
  • The driving force in the development, marketing, support and training of BenguFarmTM livestock management software since its inception in 2005.
  • Published numerous articles, presented many lectures/talks, conducted many training courses and served in an advisory capacity on the boards of several breeders’ societies.